Our goal, with your cooperation, is to provide you with quality service and the best outcome possible for your wood restoration project. Please follow this list of instructions and care tips to help make this possible. If you have any questions or difficulty completing the pre-appointment directions please contact us prior to your appointment. Thank you for your cooperation!

What To Know

Other Contractors- Please check in with us before scheduling any other contractors.  We need exclusivity to the work area.  For example, you should not schedule a tiler while we are painting or doing any kind of refinish work.  If parking is tight at your home you may want to consider staging the contractors on different days.


Before Your Appointment

If you have pets– please arrange for them to stay in an area away from where the restoration project(s) will be occurring as well as the path to and from the equipment trailer. Unfamiliar noises, people and movement can stress your pet. It is also difficult for our technician to concentrate on their job if they have to be concerned about your pet. It is also wise to keep your pets claws trimmed as claws can damage any wooden surface.

If you are going to be home the day of your appointment—Shortly after we arrive you will not be able to use the area that we are working in. Please make arrangements to work around the closures.

If you are NOT going to be home the day of your appointment—Please make sure to leave a good contact phone number and move vehicles to allow access to your home and driveway.

Parking:  Please allow parking space for our service vehicles close to your home or in the driveway.  We need approximately 12′ of parking space in front of the house.  We may need to run an extension cord to your house for power tools.  If there are areas where our crew should not park please let us know on arrival so we can accommodate.

Sometimes we may need to move the refrigerator out of the work area.  If we are moving the refrigerator, please either plan on emptying the fridge prior to our arrival or at the time of our arrival.  (Only required for painting or refinishing – if fridge is not built in)  Not necessary if we are restoring the cabinets.  Please discuss this with the crew lead if you have any questions.

The Day Before

IF WE ARE RESTORING YOUR CABINETS: Remove items: • From all drawers and cabinet boxes • Countertops • Above and sides of refrigerator • Taped and mounted items inside cabinet doors and along cabinet walls • Area Rugs • Any pictures hanging on walls in the work area.  If we are installing knobs or handles: Please have them available at our arrival.

IF WE ARE RESTORING OTHER WOODWORK- TRIM, DOORS, BANISTERS, WINDOW SILLS: Remove: • Furniture or items within 3 feet of the work area.

After Your Appointment

After Care for Your Home or any Woodwork

Paint:  Please allow a minimum of 5 days cure time (longer in colder or humid weather) Before placing items on shelves or windowsills.  If you are placing liner on the shelves you can line shelves and place items on shelves sooner.

Restore or Refinish:  Although your woodwork will be dry to the touch within a few hours please do not use your kitchen. (washing dishes, cooking) or bathroom (using sink or shower) for a minimum of 24 hours drying time.  In times of high humidity allow for additional drying time.

After curing is complete you can clean cabinets and woodwork with a soft sponge and mild diluted dish detergent.  Do not use products that contain oils (Like Murphy’s Soap, Old English)  on kitchen cabinets as these products tend to build up residue that remains sticky and attracts dirt.



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